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The Dragonknights is not just a clan it is a family!


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Clan private room numbers is 5555 on Sir ver or Safiria 
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The Dragon Knights? Clan Known As The Dragon Knights!

If you like a good clan that's dedicated to its members and helps them then this clan is for you!
The clan is based around AQW (Adventure Quest Worlds) mostly but it is also based around MQ (Mech Quest) and DF (Dragon Fable) a bit.
We give ranks according to your level and accomplishments/skills of work within the whole clan. We also give Bonus ranks know as medal ranks to people who have reached certain achievements in AQW.

The Dragon Knights are all about: Helping other players if they need help with getting weapons and doing quests or just hanging out on AQW. We do events when there are enough people on at a time, so we can do a variety of things during said events; so once you are an official member of the website you will be able to see it on the website/forum.

You may talk about anything according to the topics on the DK forums but please do not swear on it. If you don't like this clan then that's your own opinion, you are free to leave if you want, we will be impartial to your reasons to leave and have a formal good bye.

=New To The AQW Dragon Knights?=
The Dragon Knights has changed a LOT since beta testing!
Up until now the Dragon Knights have evolved into one of the best clans in AQWorlds. We know this because of the amount of active members and the amount of new people that wish to be a part of us. The Dragon Knights will grow stronger and stronger, with everyone's help in this clan we know we can earn the title of becoming the best clan in AQWorlds. The Dragon Knights has become more popular with the amount of recruits joining every day and every night. As long the Dragon Knights keeps getting bigger and better the more fun it will be; always keep that in mind!

=The Dragon Knights Clan?=
We're a group of literate members that play AQWorlds. A lot of us are pretty experienced and have alpha and beta tested. Anyways, we're pretty open when it comes to accepting new members that are also literate and able to contribute to discussions. We pride ourselves in our ability to stick together and tough out any situation that comes along. We are active in all the major ladder sites and have one of the best records in history. The Dragon Knights continue to get stronger. You won't find a better, tougher, or more professional bunch of guys and gals then those you see here.

!=I'm a old member of the Dragon Knights Clan!=!
If you are a old member of the Dragon Knights clan and got kicked out due to inactivity and wish to join back but promising you will try to be as active as much as possible then sure you can!
You will just need to leave a comment on the Recruitment Center letting us know that you wish to join back then I Dracorath or another DK administrator will accept you back into the Dragon Knights. But if you got kicked out for being a spy from a enemy clan then I apologize that we found you out but you will not be able to join again UNLESS you delete your membership on that specific clan site, and we can find out if you have or not so please don't try to lie to us. We just want to make AQWorlds fun for not just you but for everyone! Battle on fellow AQWorld & AE players!

=Why You Should Join The Dragonknights=
You should join because so far, we have a bunch of really cool and interesting people, plus we also meet up occasionally to play AQ Worlds together; so we'd be a cool party. You can also enjoy yourself freely. No one would expose your secrets to anyone outside of the clan, supposing you have any you wish to share with us. You can also tell other cool people you know or just met on AQWorlds about this clan and maybe they’ll join too! We also enjoy playing AE Games, because they are really fun, so might as well enjoy them with a group! Our purpose is to have fun with a bunch of really awesome people and always have a friend online, to help out with whatever you are comfortable asking of them.
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If you have posted on the Dragon Knights recruitment Center and can follow the rules and requirements then please make sure that you have used the same email that you are going to use to sign up on the Dragon Knights website, if you do not know how to do that click the "Create A Free Account" button or click the Hide/Show sidebar to sign up on the Dragon Knights website if you have posted a 'passable' post that you have put time and effort to. Good luck with joining and have fun!

-Dracorath, Unohana and the whole DK team!

Official Clan Time (Running by U.K time)

Visitor Chat Room

If you wish to join the Dragon Knights or ask for an alliance or to join the clan, please post on the Recruitment Center and then Dracorath or a member of staff will try and get back to you as soon as they can. But in the mean time please read the Clan Rules and Requirements and read the Home Page for a brief fully. Once you have posted on the Recruitment Center feel free to leave a comment in the visitor's chat room below!
=Please note that this is not the official DKchat, this is the visitors chat for leaving comments purpose only=

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